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Please take the time to read what some of our customers have to say about their experience working with us to make their building dreams a reality.

We look forward to having an opportunity to discuss with you your future building project.
Renovation/Addition - Crystal Lake
Stuart & Teresa;

Stuart Charity Construction - making it happen! A Gold Standard Construction Company.

Who would have known that adding 16' to the front of our simple cottage could turn it into a superb Lake House! Thank you Stuart and Teresa...Wow!

Stuart Charity Construction made it happen for us. Quality workmanship from the get go. We had some ideas, Stuart had a vision and made it all happen. Stuart attended council meetings, using his magic to have permits approved in a timely manner.

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Throughout the entire reno we were updated weekly on it’s progress. It was never too much trouble for Stuart to give us a call or stop in with any questions/suggestions that he or we would have.

It is Stuart’s Leadership skills that attributed to his Team being able to continue without his immediate presence. At the end of the day our construction site was always left neat and tidy, cleaned up as best a construction site can be.

Stuart has been so easy to work with and it has been so much fun too! He is very knowledgeable and creative. Any ideas we had, he would let us know whether that was doable or not, being totally honest. If our idea was “off the wall” he would have an alternate solution which turned out to be just perfect. The more recent reno to our stairs, just put “the icing on the cake”.

We would like to thank the entire Stuart Charity Construction Team and contractors for all their fine work. Special thanks to Cody and Matt for your excellent work. Stuart is amazing, even after completing our reno it is never too much trouble to ask him to lend us a helping hand when we need it. We so appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for us!

Gwen and Brian T.
Crystal Lake

Renovation/Addition - Davis Lake
Stuart & Teresa;

On a scale of 1 to 10, we believe our home to be a 10. Stuart Charity Construction did a great job 10 years ago when they built our cottage and a great job when we wanted to renovate and make it our permanent home.  All the tradesmen (including Stuart's carpenters, electricians, plumbers,  drywaller, roofer, etc.) were very professional and polite and kept the premises tidy.

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The tidy part was important to us because we were living there during the renovations. Stuart assured us he would build a place he would want to live in himself.

We highly recommend Stuart Charity Construction. A special thanks to Matt, Cody, Tom & Brad.

Sincerely yours,
Bob & Marg W.
Davis Lake

Custom Cottage - Crystal Lake
Stuart & Teresa;

Working with Stuart Charity has been a pleasure. The project was completed quickly and efficiently, with an impressive level of attention paid to even the smallest detail. I appreciate and admire Stuart's professionalism and commitment, and would happily work with him  again if given the opportunity.

Sincerely yours,
Crystal Lake

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Custom Cottage - Crystal Lake

Teresa and Stuart;

When Darlene and I decided that we would move up to Crystal Lake full time we were well aware of the need to find a BUILDER YOU COULD TRUST. We had read all the advice articles and watched the TV programs and felt totally prepared for a large renovation. How little we knew?

We asked a lot of questions of a lot of people and listened well and it kept coming back to "If you can get Stuart Charity to do it HIRE HIM!
After our first meeting we knew we would follow that advice...it was then a question of process. What? When? How Much? And all are interrelated and affect the other. And it's hard.

We liked Stuart right from our first meeting. It is easy to like Stuart. And you'd better like your builder cause the process isn't without pitfalls and surprises. We looked forward to our weekly phone call updates. We became friends because Stuart took the time to answer our questions and then provide his opinion and often options and when we wavered he would say Do It. It'll look right. And he was right!

We are thrilled with where we ended up. Way better than we thought. Top quality craftsmanship and design by guys who care and take great pride in what they do. If you are lucky enough to get Stuart to agree to build your cottage jump at the chance. You'll be glad you did. Thank you Stuart and Teresa. Beer is always cold for you oh FAVORITE BUILDER!!

Gary and Darlene
Mill Bay, Crystal Lake

Custom Cottage - Pigeon Lake
Dear Stuart;

Doug & I just want to say thank you for helping us to make our dream a reality.  We could not have done this without the help and guidance you have provided along the way.  Your workmanship and attention to detail shows in the finished product.  We are so happy with the way everything has turned out.

We know that the Lindal Kit provided some real challenges but you were able to solve them all and build it better than it should have been.  You truly built our cottage as if it were your own and we couldn't ask for anything better than that!

Thanks again.

Doug & Lisa T.
Pigeon Lake

Custom Cottage - Crystal Lake
To Stuart & Teresa;

Thank you so much for helping us to realize our dream.  It has been a pleasure dealing with both of you on this project.

Mark & Petra M.
Crystal Lake

Custom Cottage - Crystal Lake
To Stuart & Teresa;

In 2004 we engaged Stuart Charity to demolish our 50’s Cottage, and build our new Cottage / Retirement Home on Crystal Lake.

The Project was delivered, in a turn key manner, On Time, On Budget, and Beyond our Expectations.

Just one of Stuart’s added values, is the fact that during construction, he often suggests better ways of doing things, changes to the plan, improvements, etc. for your consideration. Work ethics, and quality, as well as customer satisfaction, are his top priorities.

Since then, any modifications, and on-going support has been outstanding!

We have had many visitors and friends to our home, with Engineering backgrounds, or building experiences. They unanimously marvel at the Quality and Workmanship.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stuart Charity for Renovations, Additions, or Complete Building Projects.

Peter & Sandra N.
Crystal Lake
Custom Cottage - Crystal Lake
Dear Stuart & Teresa:

We just would like to take a moment to say that Stuart Charity Construction made the building of our Dream House a wonderful experience and we wanted to let you know this.

We were impressed with Stuart's attention to quality and detail, his workmanship as well as all of his trades. All of our problems solved & wishes granted. Thank you so much.


Marian & Barry Abelson


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